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An ankle sprain is a well-known injury that involves the strain of the ligaments that support the ankle joint. Most commonly, it is the ligaments on the outside of the ankle that are injured (a lateral ankle sprain), as the ligaments on the inside of the ankle are much broader and stronger. On the outside of your ankle joint, three ligaments attach to the bony knob called your lateral malleolus. The ATFL (anterior talofibular ligament) spans forwards in the direction of your toes. The CFL (calcaneofibular ligament) joins to your heel bone directly under the bony knob. Finally, your PTFL (posterior talofibular ligament) spans towards the back of your heel. On the inside (medial) of your ankle, a larger ligament called the deltoid ligament fans out from the knob on the inside of your ankle to provide strong support.

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What causes ankle sprain?

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