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Running and jogging is an aerobic form of physical activity and is one of the most natural and simplest forms of exercise. Unlike other types of exercise, it does not require expensive equipment and can be done anywhere. 20-79 per cent of runners sustain an overuse injury in any given one year period. It’s important to make sure you are strong before you start running, increasing your load carefully so you reduce possible risks.


What are the benefits of running?

What muscle groups should I focus on strengthening to help my running?

What are the best surfaces to run on to protect my knees and ankles?

I want to train for a long-distance run. What is the best way to start increasing the distance I run without causing injury?

How can a physiotherapist help me with my running?

What are common injuries associated with running?

What is the long-term impact of running on my joints?

Is there any reason I should avoid running?